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Translation Publication - West Branch

Updated: Oct 21

Cover of West Branch magazine's spring/summer 2023 issue, number 102, showing the name West Branch in bold white lettering against a bright orange background. A drawing of an orange and white road construction pilon appears in the bottom right corner.

The latest issue of West Branch includes my translation of a short story by Brazilian writer Állex Leilla, her first publication in English. Titled "What's Left of the Blue When It Dies Pitch-Black," this poetic and meditative story takes us through the daily routine of a bar owner reflecting on a lost love. Through his eyes, we watch the film of their relationship play out, from the thrill of that first encounter, through heady passion and moments of tenderness, to the simultaneous uncertainty and inevitability of goodbye. All the while, cups of coffee mark out the phases of his grief.

You can read this story alongside other globe-spanning fiction, poetry, and nonfiction; simply order your single print copy or subscribe to this award-winning journal for even more great contemporary literature.

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